Melt Fat Faster With HEAVYHANDS Weights For Men


Most users of the heavyhands are women.

And this is the reason only light dinky 1,2 and 3 lb weights are the only heavyhands weights you can find these days.

The problem with these lighter weights is to get your heart rate up to a respectable training level, you'll have to pump your arms very fast and you'll have to raise them over your head.

And most people are too embarrassed to walk in public doing this.

For women, it's ok, but most guys will never do this.

And that's why when I started doing heavyhands, I wanted a heavier weights to walk with.

I needed something that was going to really build strength in my arms and upper body.

We make custom heavyhand weights to fit the AMF heavyhand patented handles.

If you are a man and you want to melt fat fast, you should consider more weight in each hand.

So if you are looking for more weight for your heavyhands workouts call 858-692-9461

We can custom make weights like this to your specifications.

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